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A view of Chinese Design

Social development is an important motivation of design innovation. The breakthrough in design concept, design vision, design form, and technical mode is closely related to various types of transformation that China is experiencing at present. The transformation of economy, politics, culture and life is the transformation of value. The gradual popularization of smart phone in China, together with Internet plus, has caused the popularity of intelligent technology in the whole society. Advanced technologies including 5G, big data, artificial intelligence and Internet of things have gradually formed the intelligent environment of modern life, and also promoted the transformation and innovation of China's design industry at all levels, thus bringing about the new concepts of innovation in cognition, form, technology, format and user experience, and, giving the new connotation of Chinese design development and the value transformation of social dimension lifestyle in the era of big data.

“A View of Chinese Design” exhibition selects excellent designs in such a context of the times and culture, shows the characteristics of different aspects of China's contemporary society, and reflects the latest development trend of China's industry and the change of national lifestyle and consumption concept, involving the latest trends of design from different perspectives such as intelligent innovation, cross-border interconnection, regional culture and better life experience.

In “A View of Chinese Design” exhibition, many design works involve the thinking of intelligent design in the design process. With such thinking, product design is no longer only related to shape, color, function and aesthetic, but also extends to virtual, digital, interactive, imagination, experience, etc. Through intelligent recognition and intelligent conversion technology, it innovates traditional design functions, such as artificial intelligence language translator, Micro Drone, cantilevered three-coordinate measuring instrument, etc., thus realizing the function breakthrough of traditional design by intelligent technology; or the design simulates human thinking process through intelligent algorithm and image intelligent processing technology, thus building a series of convenient, safe, efficient and fast new design mode with intelligent technology as the core, such as intelligent robot accompanying children, acupoint massage eye instrument, and business travel reimbursement machine, etc. In the fast-paced urban life, through the power of science and technology, design increases the temperature of products, and also depicts people's expectation and imagination for future life.

At the same time, many design works in this exhibition combine Chinese traditional life aesthetics, traditional creation ideas and innovative technology, which are more in line with modern aesthetics in terms of innovation concept, so as to adapt to new life propositions, and drive the innovation and development of traditional culture with intelligent technology, such as intelligent tea making machine and weighing tea scoop; or liquor mansion, fragrance holder, water-storage tea tray and so on which are rooted in the pursuit of artistic conception, adopt innovative design forms to subvert the sensory impression of traditional utensils and present "materialization of beauty" and "beautification of objects", endowing Chinese regional culture with fashion in the new era.

In addition, with the growth of domestic users in China, Chinese designers are paying more attention to user experience and the original intention of design. In the "A View of Chinese Design" exhibition, we can see the fundamental expression of Chinese designers on design, such as intelligent manual coffee machine, automatic sealing and bag changing garbage bin and split type ultra-thin VR package, which reflect that Chinese contemporary design is paying more and more attention to "people" and "life". The design objects are not only "objects", but also "things" about life behavior. Design takes family as the main service scenario and surrounds wonderful life experience, involving many new concepts, new propositions, new technologies and new ways, so that convenience, comfort, safety, and innovation can be integrated into modern life naturally, reflecting the concept of humanistic care in Chinese traditional culture.