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Gallery 1: Science and technology serve expectations and imagination of human

With 5G, big data, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and other advanced technologies gradually forming a smart environment of modern life, more and more intelligent products emerge, such as a children accompaniment intelligent robot, which can conduct natural man-machine interaction through a touch-screen projection , making it easier for products to have an emotional connection with children. Or the Al translation device with maximum accurate translation, maximum language coverage, dialect recognition and conversion. Its built-in algorithm chip can perform high-accuracy communication without a network. Another example is The Business Travel Terminal, made up of the "business travel app" and "smart reimbursement terminal". Through the state-of-the-art technologies including biometrics, intelligent algorithms and image processing, to solve the cumbersome travel administrative matters. Nowadays, design is also more interconnected, with the help of smart and intelligent design to make products closer to people's expectations of life, even beyond imagination.