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Gallery 2: Aesthetics of life found in local culture in new era

Under the backdrop of globalization design, the different values of regional cultures become more and more precious. Originated from pursuing a better experience of contemporary local life, the aesthetics of life in the new era is built by using intelligent technology, focusing on social responsibility, and practicing local culture. For example, the smart fusion brewer combining innovative technology with a traditional tea ceremony, is the first to create intelligent tea brewing and automatic tea extraction technology. The essence of each tea leaf is extracted, with the most accurate temperature and time for different kinds of tea, thus to achieve separation of tea and water, which can also be controlled by APPs using bluetooth. Or a new interpretation of traditional elements to convey the new image of modern Chinese herbal medicine's packaging design. Perhaps inspired by China’s ancient fishing gear of “Liu", the inverted bell-shaped structure used in the packaging protects the skin of crisp peaches and prevents them from slipping off. Combining environment- friendly soybean ink printing and degradable material, the traditional culture is integrated with social responsibility. Designers are expanding and expressing their understanding of eastern culture in a more open and integrated way.