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Gallery 3: Intelligence opens up the experience of wonderful life

Good design is innovative, and good design is honest. With the continuous upgrading and iteration of technology, smart and intelligent products are no longer limited to providing functional convenience, but also enhance the quality of real life. Designers have a deeper insight into the actual needs of users, and use the products to represent the indistinguishable experience. For example, the iDrip Smart Pour Over Coffee Machine records the world champions' master brewing techniques in the cloud, and reads the barcode on the exclusive coffee bag to control the precise water temperature, water speed, timing and manipulative path, to reproduce the brewing techniques of the world's coffee masters; And the smart garbage can which automatically seals and changes garbage bags, can automatically seal the trash bag without having to do it yourself. And the trash bag is placed flat in the trash can by the built-in fan to change the bag, which solves the daily garbage issues. The intelligent Constant Humidity Air Conditioner, which purifies the recycled condensate water and releases it back into the air, to maintain the indoor humidity balance, thus solves the problem of dryness during the use of air conditioning, and creates a new home experience. Intelligence is accelerating the industrial transformation, and helping designers create a more natural and real-life user experience. In result, convenience, comfort, safety and other elements are integrated into intelligence, and products will have the coziness life deserves.