Just Peach•y Crisp Peach Packaging


Shanghai Long Ou Industrial Co., Ltd.


Shanghai Publishing and Printing College

Meng Zihang, Wu Fang

The design of Just Peach·y allows crispy peach to enter the case smoothly through the horn-shaped structure which is inspired by bamboo fishing gear from ancient China. Crispy peach will be completely fixed and won’t slip out. The folding buffer surface structure is added in the contact position which fixes the crispy peach and protects the skin of it at the same time. It has the design of side tearing structure by which users can tear the package to take out crispy peach and the inside tissue paper pad. Then the package can be reused as a peel box. The peach-shaped appearance imitates the visual image characteristics of crispy peach, which is printed with soybean ink. As a kind of creative food packaging, it is produced by environment-friendly materials that can degrade in a short time.