NIRO Pro Assistant Robot


Beijing Baidu Netcom Science and Technology Co., Ltd.


Baidu ACG-HCI Exploration Lab

Fan Yang, Shiyan Li, Shuo Li, Daiyan Liu, Bingkang Luo, Zhun Wu, Yang Li, Xiaodong Zhang, Yanyan Sun, Xiaowen Cheng, Sh

Acting as a companion, NIRO Pro Assistant Robot is the first smart robot featuring touch-control and a projector in China. It is a robot accompanied by a projector base. It can chat with people as well as interact with them through the touchscreen projector. Besides, it can act as children’s companion and helper when they are playing games, reading picture books, learning English and drawing pictures. Such natural interactions make it easier to build an emotional connection between the product and children and to increase user stickiness while strengthening their trust in the robot. Voice chat combined with touch screen projection, this new way of interaction opens up a whole new world of innovative experiences which, once put into commercial application, will bring more social and commercial value.