MIGU Mini AI Speaker


MIGU Co., Ltd.


Xiamen Joyatech Co., Ltd. and MIGU Co., Ltd.

Jinghao Xu, Duo Bi, Yu Chen, Yanchang Ma

As the first AI speaker dedicated to toddlers and senior citizens with articulation disorders, MIGU Mini AI Speaker is equipped with “touch to wake” function. With the ingenious combination of innovative Nixie tubes and a digital LED display, it can also be used as a table clock and thus to guarantee an around-the-clock usage and adds more value to this product. Using an optimized algorithm, it minimizes energy consumption while achieving engaging user interaction. Supporting China Mobile’s Smart Family Platform and “Family Communication” Service and with a SIM card that plugged into the loudspeaker, it enables users to initiate a call and to control the set-top box or any other smart household appliances by voice.