Qingdao Qingan Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd.


In-house Design

Shaoxing Guan

The high-end all-private model design with perfect combination of experience and streamlined design delivers full hi-tech sense. The control module may be switched in 10 seconds, and the screws on the modules can be loosened in no time. The product is equipped with four locks and bump-resistant light beads, all of which enhance the already sleek design and overall safety. High-efficiency power supply and imported IC component ensure higher overall stability. The dual signal ports and hard link design augment the stability of the signal box. Moreover, the product includes gilded plug-in units user-friendly mounting holes for cable ties. One-click test feature and the small card design render the control cabin simpler and more stable. It is also equipped with LCD display and high-quality light beads, and removes bright and dark lines.