Smart PN-09S High-Precision Clay 3D Printer


Xiamen Smart Industrial Design Co., Ltd.

Anhui Big Bang Three Dimensional Technology Co., Ltd.


In-house Design

Yang De’an, Shi Xiaozhong, Ying Jian

Smart PN-09S High-Precision Clay 3D Printer is a digital clay forming machine. Development of such a printer transforms traditional means of shape forming, enhances design and innovation capabilities of the pottery and porcelain industry, promotes the digitalization and intelligent manufacturing of the industry, better meets the individual and customized needs of consumers, and contributes significantly to the general upgrading of the industry in China. Firm and durable, the machine features an aluminum alloy body processed via abrasive blasting, finishing processes as well as highly rated compatibilities of components, all of which ensures high printing performance. Moreover, 0.5–1.4mm nozzles and printing precision of 0.1mm enable the machine to print more complicated shapes with better, finer and more exquisite surface texture.