EGO Self-Winding String Trimmer



Nanjing Chervon Industry Co., Ltd.


In-house Design

Xunzhuang Qiu, Guotai Lu   

EGO, the world’s first pioneering self-winding string trimmer, is equipped with EGO 56V lithium battery, which neatly solves power issues in outdoor working environment and largely improves the product’s convenience. Moreover, the product has made significant breakthroughs regarding noise and environmental protection.

Compared with gasoline engine-powered string trimmers, the product keeps the upper hand because of its easy-to-control motor’s rotating direction, based on which the motor-driven string trimmer is able to run automatically. Besides, the alignment of spindle and shaft is ensured, thus fixing the foremost pain point of string trimmers—difficulties in winding strings.

Carbon fiber shaft is used for the first time, rendering the product the most durable, lightweight and portable on the market. In addition, its foldability saves packaging and transportation costs as well as storage space compared to competing products.