Beijing Zeepson Technology, Inc.


Yingli Hong, NanTian Chen, Zhanwen Zhang, Qilong Wang

Safirst is a smart safe that applies both IoT technology and AI algorithm. Concerning user experience, the interaction between the safe and its user is greatly improved by the variety of sensors which send real-time information about the safe to the mobile device of its owner. Functionally, the safe is enabled by AI technology to connect with other safety devices and to analyze the security level of its surroundings. Along with its ability to automatically call the police if necessary, its security function is significantly enhanced. To make it more convenient for its owner to use, it is designed to be remote controllable. With just a mobile device, the user can easily access and control the safe from afar on the premise of guaranteeing security. And the built-in HISS IoT system of the safe makes it possible for the software to be remotely upgraded and repaired automatically.